Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tour d'Afrique

Tour d'Afrique is one of the longest bicycle races and expeditions in the world. It is organised by Tour d'Afrique Ltd. a Canadian company based in Toronto. It runs each year from January to May, from Cairo to Cape Town. Most of the participants are expedition riders who cover each day at their own pace, stopping in the villages and roadside cafes. The racing format is that of a stage race (~100 stages varying from 40 km to 200 km). There are about 20 rest days. The organisers prepare three meals every day and transport tents and other equipment the riders need for the night stops.

The 2003 Tour d'Afrique set a Guinness World Record for fastest crossing of Africa by bicycle and this was achieved by nine participants of the race, Michael Kennedy, Chris Evans, Dave Genders (all UK), Paul Reynaert (Belgium), Jeremy Wex, Steve Topsham, Scotty Robinson, Andrew Griffin (all Canada) and Sascha Hartl (Austria). The 2008 Tour d'Afrique did not cross Kenya due to the political situation and reported violence.

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